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Downforce: Wild Rides!

The Wild Ride extension for Downforce will be in the shops next fall: let’s present the new circuits that will drive you mad with their unpredictability!


Aloha Sands… the turquoise waters, the weary palm trees, the joyful dolphins, the sea breeze and… the ramps! Aloha Sands is of the most explosive circuits of Downforce. Just imagine: you are in second place, you’re rushing to catch up with the leader. You take the turn, see them slowing down… You put your foot down, step on the ramp and… you overtake them by the air! Priceless, isn’t it?

Aloha Sands is a ride that requires boldness, spectacular overtaking and crazy bets. Discover new ways to get your rush of adrenalin, that gives prominence to last-second turnarounds and to shattering victories!

Downforce - Wilde Ride

?️ A taste of Savannah?

The hot circuit of Savannah Stretch stretches in the sand, under the kind light of the setting sun. But as the engines roar, the animals get their wilderness back. You’ll need to dig your heels in to let them pass! Savannah Stretch is an atypical circuit for more than one reason. For the first time in the Downforce saga, the route is not a loop but rather a special rally ride.

As for the animals crossing over, the consequences will always be the same: the leader slowing down… and successive sprints charged with octane as well as bluff.

Ease up on the gas pedal, speeding up… the winner will be the one who will know how to be in the head of the ride once the track is cleared. You will need to be awfully clever if you want to identify the winner before the last few miles are crossed… Be cleverer and bet on it!

Downforce - Wilde Ride

?️?Bustling rides, ferocious bets!

Never forget that in Downforce, when the flag is waved, it’s the wealthiest who wins! These wild rides have been designed to make the bets more unpredictable than ever. How can you be assured of a car’s victory when you know that at any moment, another car could take the pot by leaping off a ramp just before the finished line? Will you bet your jackpot on a single car even though it could get blocked by a herd of gazelles?

You will need to read your cards carefully before the game starts if you want to know who to bet on. Which car will have your heart set on? Which ones will you forget in the dust and sand of the savannah? As explosive as it is tactical, Downforce: Wild Rides invites you to get back on the horse and discover this unique racing game that combines adrenalin rush with bidding excitements.

All hands on wheels! Be wild!

Downforce - Wild Ride


  • Downforce: Wild Rides

  • Expansion for Downforce

  • Made by Wolfgang Kramer

  • Illustrations by Tavis Coburn

  • October 2020

 Downforce - Wild Ride mockup

‘By far my favourite extension!’ Tom Vasel – Dice Tower

‘If, like us, you are fans of Downforce, the Wild Ride extension will be a great addition to the gameplay.’ One board Family


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Publié le 7 September 2020

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